The New NannyCard: Book Online & Save!

Have you heard about our nifty NannyCard? Each time you hop online the NannyCard tracks your new booking — and gets you one heart (stamp) closer to a free Agency Fee! 10 Extraordinary online bookings will pop a free $30 credit for your next Agency Fee directly into your Nannies on Call account.

$30 is nothing to sneeze at: if you think about it, that’s like manicures for you and a friend at Vancouver’s Cranberries Spa, or tubing for two at Whistler/Blackcomb…how about an adorable baby blanket from Kolkid Toronto or the entire Season 4 download of Mad Men on Itunes (standard definition, but still!)…
Have a peek at our NannyCard now (we love it – so cute!) and when you’re ready to book, just remind yourself: save time, book online – earn NannyCard hearts!