Orkidz Art Studio, Whistler

If you have kids between the range of 2 and 15 years old, you will want to take them to Orkidz Art Studio to challenge their creative juices. It’s a nurturing environment where children are encouraged to develop and expand their creative abilities and, no matter what they create – unlike schoolwork and homework – they are never “wrong”.

The story behind Orkidz is very charming. Layna Mawson always had a love for arts and crafts, but that was put on hold for several years as she ran a travel agency and worked her way through the hotel industry. Next, she and her husband began Sachi Sushi, which is now a very popular Whistler restaurant. Then it came: during a trip to Africa, the founder of Orkids Art Studio said she had an “AHA” moment and realized that she wanted to fulfill her dreams by opening a place where kids can use their creativity and have fun.

Nanny Erica paid a visit to Orkidz Studio and she is sure that your kids will love the indoor environment, which presents a homey appeal, and they will experience the “zenlike” feel of the back yard while they are designing their projects. She said that children will immediately feel comfortable when they enter Orkidz Studio. She also said that it’s the perfect place for children to build, paint, stitch, cut, read, smear, squish, and smudge.

Check the schedule out to see the different workshops and events that Orkidz offers. Programs and projects are organized by age group to ensure that all kids are challenged at their particular age level. There are after school programs, programs in the summer and parties are welcome – whether they are class parties, birthday parties or even baby showers.

Address #3-1020 Millar Creek Road, Whistler, BC Canada, Tel 1604 902 0423

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