Nanny Cams: Should You Get One?

“Nanny cams” have become quite the controversial subject for a variety of different reasons. In private homes, the question of whether an individual’s privacy is being invaded comes up, but in organizations such as daycares, parents are glad to have the opportunity to “check in” on their children through means of complicated surveillance systems that are placed in the daycare facilities and linked in with the Internet.

Surveillance cameras that are manufactured and sold for general use are readily available in most stores that carry electronic equipment. There are also models that are made particularly for concealing; this is usually the desire of the parents who are interested in a “nanny cam”. They also can be found in electronic stores and departments as well as on the Internet and in specialty stores.

The cost of a camera for nanny surveillance purposes varies tremendously; each specific feature adds to the overall price, so cost will depend on what type of camera, system and features that you desire. If you want a basic camera, you could install a $100 camera yourself, however if you want to be able to monitor your camera through your laptop or cell phone, you will be looking at $500 and up for a surveillance system.

As a parent, you want to be able to maintain a certain level of peace of mind when you leave your children with a nanny. This is completely understandable.

Polls and studies have been conducted and the major reason that these cameras stir up such emotions is not because the nannies are being monitored. Nannies reported that the lack of trust and the deception appeal that hidden cameras symbolize was what upset them the most. They usually did not mind the interactions between them and the children being video taped – what they did not like was not being told that the camera was there. That’s understandable, too.

Of course, the nanny wants to sense that you trust her and feel like she is doing a good job with your children. Many nannies believe that the installation of a camera in the home brings with it opportunities for interaction between the parents and children while the parents are at work during the day. It’s definitely a positive experience for the children – and parents.

A “nanny cam” does not have to be a negative part of the equation that includes you, your children and your nanny. It can be a positive experience for everyone involved if used innovatively.


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