How Much of a Raise Should I Give My Nanny?

This is a topic that is so very subjective; it’s incredibly tough to give the best advice on giving raises to a nanny, because each situation is extremely different. Undoubtedly, if you have the most spectacular nanny in the world, there is no way that you can pay her enough for the tender love and care that she devotes to your children.

A nanny that comes to your house and pays special attention to feed your children and bathe them and play with them and teach them manners, all while maintaining a chipper, kid-friendly, affectionate and adoring attitude, cannot be tagged with a price. However, there comes a time when you need to sit down and figure out how much of a raise to give your nanny in order to keep her happy and financially stable.

Prior to giving your nanny a raise, it would be a great time to provide her with praise accompanied with constructive criticism. Is there anything she does exceptionally well? Tell her what it is that you love about her and what your kids love, too.

In the same sit-down, talk to her about any issues or concerns and give her concrete examples along with how you expect her to handle specific situations. (Of course, this should be done along the way, as issues come up. However, time may not always call for these sit-downs, so prior to providing a higher rate of pay, iron any dilemmas out.)

This discussion can easily be led into a talk about the pay/salary and what she expects to receive for a raise. Keep in mind that you will want to continue to pay a competitive rate; a superb nanny is hard to find and even more difficult to replace if they receive a better offer from another family.

You definitely want to avoid the swinging door when it comes to nannies in order to keep your children’s daily routine stable. Do this by paying the right person a mutually agreeable amount of money. Ultimately, if you come up with a fair amount of pay for a great nanny, all three parties will be satisfied; the parents, the child and the nanny.

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