Meadow Park Sports Centre, Whistler

Feeling sporty? Head to the North of the Village and enjoy a day of sports with the family – and possibly some relaxation – at the Meadow Park Sports Center in Whistler. The public facility comprises an indoor kid’s pool and a lap pool, an indoor ice skating rink, a gym, a fitness studio, squash courts, a weight room to enjoy the sports part of the trip. The hot tub and the steam room will provide the relaxation part of the trip. To top it all off, everything is reasonably priced.

Kick Maternity: Embracing the Baby Bump

Embracing the beauty of the maternal body is Kick Maternity’s clothing concept. It’s a cute little maternity wear boutique that carries all of the latest styles to adorn the “baby bump” for the hip and stylish mom-to-be who believe that just because their body is changing doesn’t mean that they have to let go of their style and sleekness.

The Perfect Day with My Nanny (from a child’s perspective)

A perfect day with my nanny starts with her smiling at me. She would then greet me with her cheerful and soothing morning voice. She would also give me a big hug and ask me what I wanted to do today – and pay special attention to what I had to say. It would be my day every day. She would make me feel like the most special person in the world.

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides, Whistler

Nothing is more magical than a Clydesdale-drawn sleigh ride through the quiet, snow-covered areas of Whistler Mountain. Show your children the unique experience of tradition and times-of-old when you take them for a stroll through Whistler village and the gorgeous backcountry in a carriage drawn by enormous horses. Whether you are on vacation in Whistler, or happen to live there, a horse drawn sleigh ride is an enlightening and traditional adventure that you and your children should definitely experience.

The Benefits of Having a Nanny Over Day Care

Nannies are the best, hands down! Of course, that’s our opinion, and we are prepared to back our opinion up with a list of true benefits that nannies can bring to your family. If you are contrasting the services of a nanny versus a day care center, we have the answers that you are looking for right here. Below is the list of benefits that we think are important when considering nanny versus day care:

Whistler Blackcomb Tube Park

The winter wonderland in Whistler brings with it some exciting family oriented activities, like snow-sliding (aka tubing) on Blackcomb Mountain. Whistler Blackcomb’s Coca Cola Tube Park puts the fun in snow sliding, with a convenient state-of-the-art conveyer lift that will carry you back up to the top of the sliding lanes, rather than dredging back up by foot, like we did when we were kids.

Tips for Traveling with Children

With the holidays quickly approaching, families are hustling and bustling to organize their travel arrangements. Whether you are traveling by car or plane, incorporate the children in the planning part of the trip. A possibly hair-raising and frustrating excursion can turn into a well-organized, fun-packed expedition when they feel like they are part of the planning.

Belly: Designer Trends for Expectant Moms

Belly {maternity} is the ultimate clothing store for the “fashionista” expecting moms who want to carry their baby in style. This elegant boutique that is exclusively for pregnant women presents a distinct first impression; it appears like everything was hand selected by the owner and then meticulously arranged by colour and design.