The Perfect Day with My Nanny (from a child’s perspective)

A perfect day with my nanny starts with her smiling at me. She would then greet me with her cheerful and soothing morning voice. She would also give me a big hug and ask me what I wanted to do today – and pay special attention to what I had to say. It would be my day every day. She would make me feel like the most special person in the world.

Breakfast would be my choice, as long as it was healthy. Sometimes, she would let me choose a sugary cereal, but she would be sure to remind me to drink my orange juice and eat my fruit every day. When I finished my breakfast, she would help me clean up my dishes – because I’m still learning.

On sunny days, we would go outside and play on the swing set. We would discuss the sun and the sky and how beautiful the weather was. We would play outside for a very long time. If it was rainy, would stay inside and sculpt with play dough. We would make animals and play dough sandwiches and have a tea party with play dough cookies.

Other days, we would make cool arts and crafts projects. She would always tell me how wonderful my project was and make me feel good about my work. Sometime, in the middle of playing, we would take a quick break and eat a yummy snack.

At lunch time, she would help me make my very own turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. That’s my favorite! Then, we would read books and relax for the afternoon, because, by then, we’ve had an exciting and fun filled day. She would remind me that it won’t be long until mom (or dad) comes home.

Before she leaves for the day, she always tells me that she will see me in the morning (unless it’s the weekend – in that case, we would see each other again on Monday morning) and tell me to have a great night with my parents. And then, she would give me a hug and I would know that she will be coming back the next day to have another fun-filled day.

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