What to do with Kids on a Rainy Day

Rainy days means no outside time, and for kids and parents, this might pose as a major problem! Kids start to get in the “inside horrors” and become almost unbearable by the end of the day, let alone a whole rainy weekend. The good news is: it doesn’t have to be this way! There are hundreds of activities that you and your children can do together – and you’ll never even notice the rain! So, keep your eyes on the weather and look forward to the next rainy day, keeping the following ideas in mind.

Bake Day

Stock up the ingredients when the weather turns gray and hold a baking day. Bake up cookies, cakes, muffins or cupcakes, or a combination of the treats. If you weren’t born with the baking gene, there are plenty of easy boxed substitutes which are just as fun. Get the boxed cupcakes and the pre-made icing and start the party. Let the kids stir the ingredients and pour the batter in the baking pans. The fun part of the project is the decorating – let the kids frost the cookies, cupcakes, or cake, and give them some sprinkles and other toppings to create their own masterpiece. Then, the best part: Enjoy eating them!

Arts and Crafts

This may seem like the old stand-by that doesn’t work anymore. Maybe you need some new supplies. Colored pipe cleaners are a new rage along – they can be bought at a local craft store. Gather milk cartons, plastic bottles, and other items around the house that would otherwise go to the trash and enjoy watching the innovative artwork that your kids make with them!

Snuggle Up

Life is so busy and time goes so fast! What better time to snuggle up with your kids than a rainy day? Pop in a favorite movie and gather up some snacks and enjoy a snuggly time. These are the times that your kids will look back on and hold close to their hearts. This is a chance for some amazing bonding time – take advantage of it!

Use your creative juices to add to the ideas above and make rainy days the type of days that your children look forward to. The rain doesn’t have to wash the fun times away!

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