The Importance of Reading to Your Child

It has been said that children are sponges, and the same is true when you read to them. Their eyes are absorbing the pictures and the words from a very young age. Even before they start talking, they will start relating certain pictures with words and start forming and remembering those images and words in their minds.

Reading to your child is the best way to expand and expose their mind. Pictures of different colors, shapes, and items like fruits, trucks, and dolls are all excellent inspirations for first words. Repetition of the words and reading books over and over again, which is what most little kids like to do, boosts their learning and their knowledge base tremendously.

Pairing books with real life experiences is a great way to expand their learning, too. Read about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then pack up for the afternoon and take a trip to the zoo. Focus on the bears for a while, and when you go back to the book again, you can remind your child about the trip to the zoo, where the real bears lived.

Introducing a myriad of books to your child will expose them to an expansive array of ideas and concepts to ponder. Even board books for babies and toddlers and nursery rhyme stories will get their minds moving and thinking.

By reading to your child at an early age, you show them a whole new world that words can bring to life. You will encourage learning how to read and increase the chances of learning how to read quickly and at a young age. Children that discover how to read at a young age often find school a lot easier, too.

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