Oink Oink: Something for Everyone!

Oink Oink is not the typical run-of-the-mill store that you can simply drive by without noticing. On first glimpse, the outside is painted chartreuse green with complementary rainbow striped colors on the front of the building and is decorated with little pink piggies. The O’s of Oink Oink also resemble pig snouts. The letters are hung cockeyed, which attracts even more attention.

Those same little pigs that you find on the outside of the building are also hanging from the ceiling when you walk in! Nanny Erin’s first impression of the entire décor was that they had some of the best decorating schemes that she has ever seen, hands down.

Oink Oink is an irresistible store for kids of all ages! It carries a wide assortment of toys and gifts that are suitable for a complete range of interests. Inside, you will find clothing, games, books, blankets, indoor and outdoor toys, arts and craft supplies. They even carry training bras! Sigh…

Oink Oink is fully prepared to save you the headache of gift wrapping, as they have a complete gift wrapping section with a wonderfully cheerful staff that is equipped to get your gifts wrapped exactly the way you want them. So, all you have to do is find the gift that you are seeking, which should be quite easy, considering the expansive selection that they offer.

Nanny Erin witnessed that there was even a washroom available – how great is that?

There’s no doubt why Oink Oink won the Best of Toronto award three years in a row – they took the prize in 2003, 2004, and 2005! It is the perfect place to shop for the child that already has everything!

352 Eglington Avenue West
416 322 8255
Open Mon – Sat 10-6, Sunday 12 -5

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