How-To Keep Your Nanny Happy and Working for Your Family Longer!

  1. Clear communication: Maintain clear communication with your nanny.
  2. Stay on schedule, arrive on time; do not expect the nanny to stay longer than his/her work hours unless previously discussed and agreed to by both parties.
  3. Being a nanny is a job, it takes skills, respect the person who is looking after your children.
  4. If appropriate, offer petty cash and/or buy punch cards to a local community centre kids drop in so that your children have a few choices of what to do throughout the day.
  5. Do not feed your children a ton of sugar right before your nanny begins work!
  6. Stay within the guidelines of your contract. If you want you nanny to do other tasks that are not a part of the contract ask and give her time to answer, a phrase that you may use is, “ You do not have to answer me right now, I would like it if you would…” If that point is agreeable get it in writing so it is clearly a new point in the contract.
  7. Make sure that your nanny is getting home safe if s/he is nannying at night. Offer to pay for your nannies cab ride if s/he takes the bus – Do not offer to give your nanny a ride home if you have just been out for the night and have been drinking alcohol! (It happens)
  8. Make sure there is ample food in the house to make the children their meals with.
  9. Do not treat your nanny like you are better then them, or that they are your “hired help.”
  10. For the safety of everyone involved, make sure your nanny has current phone numbers to contact you in case of emergency and ensure that your nanny takes those phone numbers with him/her when s/he leaves the house.
  11. Laugh with your nanny.
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