Café Jules Patisserie-Toronto

If you happen to smell the pleasant aroma of freshly baked foods wafting in the air as you leave story time at Mable’s Fables, it must be what’s coming out of the oven across the street at Café Jules Patisserie. Nanny Erin followed her senses and discovered a perfect place to bring children to, before or after story time. The delightful little French café boasts unbelievably mouth-watering fresh-bakery type snacks that taste as yummy as they smell.

The sensational menu is incredibly kid-friendly, offering selections which are impossible to pass up, for both children and their adult companions. Topping the favourites list for the children are the croissants, danishes, and – believe it or not – the quiches! Relish in the moment as you watch your little ones scarf down the ham and cheese quiche. (Pssst…don’t tell them that it’s healthy for them, either!)

That’s just the beginning of the traditional French menu that Chef Marc Tournayre whips up every day of the week – except Mondays. On the sweet list are the brioches, cakes, cookies, tarts, homemade jams, pain au chocolat…and the list goes on. The savoury side of the menu is comprised of sandwiches on homemade bread, salads, croquet-monsieur, pizza, and so much more. Even your ever-so-finicky eaters should find something on this menu to please their picky palate.

According to Nanny Erin, the cozy café offers just a few spots to relax on and delight in the home made delicacies – and aromas – but most everything on the menu can be packaged up and eaten on the go. She enjoyed her coffee and croissant tremendously and says that she will definitely be taking another outing to Café Jules Patisserie in the near future.

Café Jules Patisserie is at 617 Mt Pleasant Road in Toronto
Open Tues – Sat  8-6 and Sunday 8 – 5

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