How to find a Nanny or Babysitter

I remember when parents had their choice of dozens of babysitters on our block. It was my job of choice from 13 – 17 years old. Those days are long gone. Teenagers today are no longer interested in babysitting on a Saturday night instead their schedules are filled with sports, school activities and a social calendar that rivals most adults.

Don’t give up on your date night just yet. There are still plenty of ways to get out for a few hours now and then. You just need to dig a little deeper than asking the teenager next door. This is a great free posting website for cities around the world. Just click on your city and then click on Childcare under Community. Depending on your city there can be dozens of postings per day. Either post your own job or view the posting of babysitters looking for work.

Posting boards – Make up a colorful posting and place in community centre, coffee shops or churches around your neighborhood. This is an effective way to find someone who lives close by.

Networking – Go to the park, playgroups and recreation centres and talk to the nannies. Nannies know other nannies/babysitters. Utilize the nanny network. Also tell all your friends and co workers. It is important to put the word out there.

Universities and Colleges – Most Universities and Colleges have a job posting board on campus and many have online resources as well. You can usually post your job for a month at a time for a very reasonable rate. Get even more creative by going directly to the education department or early childhood education departments and posting on their building bulletin board.

Agencies such as Nannies on Call in Vancouver have both on call and long term nannies/babysitters available. If you don’t have the time to search, screen and do background checks this is the most time effective method.

Once you find a potential babysitter be sure to check references, do a criminal record check, ensure they have CPR/First aid certificate and babysitting certificate (depending on age).

If you choose to create your own posting ensure you cover all of the following points:

Location of job (city and neighborhood) Number of children, Age of children, Days and Hours, Salary range, Driving required, Care required and Contact information. A poorly written job posting will only lead to disappointment.

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