Social Networking and Privacy

The issue of Social Networking has been brought to our attention several times recently and I just wanted to remind nannies of a few issues.

  1. It goes without saying that nannies should not be on your phone/texting/posting/ contributing to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter while you are at work.  You are being paid to do a job, and you should be focusing on the children and ensuring their safety at all times.
  2. Be mindful of the information you are posting and the consequences it may bring.  The families you are working for are entitled to have their privacy respected and their nannies should not be jeopardizing their safety.

Here is a common scenario: You and the family are away on a beautiful island in the Caribbean for two weeks.  You have taken quite a lot of pictures of your chic hotel and of the beautiful beaches and have put them on Facebook.  Now, all of your 254 friends AND their friends know that your employer’s house is vacant and thus an open invitation to thieves.  It’s not just a safety issue.  Your employer’s business should be kept 100% confidential at all times and your employers do not  want their lives spread all over the Internet for the whole world to see.  Even if you have not mentioned the family’s names or have given away any obvious information, it really is not hard to figure out who you are working for.

Please remember that photos of the children in your care should NEVER be posted.

Of course, you have a right to post your personal information and your personal business but remember to be respectful to your employers, your nanny agency and yourself .  We are all entitled to having our privacy respected.  Please use good judgment and exercise caution when using these sites. Remember that the Internet has a VERY long memory.

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