Calgary Nanny of the Month – Lindsay Haywood

Nanny of the Month

An experienced teacher (having taught all different ages of English students in Korea, and currently completing her M Ed at University of Calgary) Lindsay is an enthusiastic and energetic On Call Nanny. Comfortable with children of all ages… Lindsay is a respectful and respected childcare worker.

Lindsay Haywood is the most outstanding nanny we have EVER had for child care. I would have her back in a heart beat. She was given money to take my boys out for lunch and instead of going to Subway or McDonalds (something quick and easy) she took them to Safeway and helped the budget out a lovely picnic of fruits and other healthy items.
I trust her implicitly with my children. She was assertive and firm with the boys at all the right moments. She commanded respect and allowed them to have a ball under her watchful eye at the park.
Rate her 10++++!

We asked Lindsay to list her favorite Five for children. Here is what she said.

What is your favourite children’s Book?  “Love you Forever” By: Robert Munsch
What is your favourite children’s craft  Painting, I haven’t met a child that doesn’t love to paint!
What is your favourite children’s food? Peanut Butter spread on top of crackers
What is your favourite Local Park/Recreation Centre? Glenmore Squirt Park or Heritage Park
What is your favourite children’s Game ? Hide and Seek, it gets the kids up and moving. Also, ANY activity outside is generally fun for the kiddies!

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