Nanny Share

Share & Share Alike – Part one of a thee part series

As bills mount up and mat leave comes to an end, the search for the perfect childcare solution begins. Some people are lucky enough to have family who can step up to the plate, for others money is not an issue…but for a lot of us what type of childcare to choose is a decision riddled with questions, uncertainty, guilt, not to mention enormous financial stress and strain . This is after all your CHILD’s emotional well being, education and esteem we are talking about…it’s important.  These are their “FORMATIVE” years!!! There are all the regular options; hire a professional nanny, find a satisfactory larger childcare center, family day care, or stay at home mum,  or…don’t work outside of the home…hmmmm

What if all of those choices make you turn your nose up and say “hmmph” like your two year old in front of a plate of brussel sprouts.

There is another option lurking around the play park corner that hasn’t been discussed that much (here in North America at any rate) …the “Nanny Share.” There are as many different nanny share arrangements as there are families  involved in one.  There are a lot of different ways of going about arranging one, but most  shares end up with similar pros and cons for both families and nannies.

Let’s start by looking at what a Nanny Share could look like;

Total Share/One Place: Children looked after 5 days a week, always in the same house. (The family whose house it is at may want to/have to  pay a slightly higher amount due to the fact that they have the convenience of not having to pack up kids early in the morning or at arsenic hour, when lets face it kids don’t really want to be packed up)

Splitsies: Children looked after 5 days a week, house changes depending on days (The perk of this is depending on your work schedule you may get a couple of hours at home alone to work, do some chores, catch your breath or just sit motionless and enjoy the calm…)

Part Time: Children are looked after together two or three days a week…at one or both houses.

Half & Half: Children are looked after separately half the time with one family half the time with the other family. This way you can secure a “full time” quality nanny who may not want the added child of the nanny share…but may enjoy the variety of working for two families.

Host & Parasite: One family employs a nanny and another family sponges childcare sporadically here and there. (works really well if one family has a really odd schedule that changes constantly…and if you have an EXTREMELY adaptable and flexible nanny) The parasite family would have to be very diligent about keeping track of hours and being considerate of others schedules and expectations.

The Wonderbra – A Split  with Family Support: Same as Split except Nanny works shorter hours and family picks up the slack at either end…for instance M, W, F my place I will take the kids from 7:30am – 8:30 when the nanny gets here and you can pick up Penelope at 4:30, as the nanny is leaving. Tues, Thursday you take the kids from 8:30 as the nanny arrives but will keep Mortimer until I can get him at 5:30 even though the nanny left at 4:30… This one works great financially and if someone’s schedule has a tendency to run late or start early early…(no late fees, YAY!) Keep in mind you will need to schedule time into the schedule to communicate with the nanny en masse!!

Check back next week for the Pros of the Nanny Share.

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