Learning so Share!

Part 3 of a 3 part series

So you have decided that a Nanny Share is the childcare dream come true for you. Now What??

Here are a few helpful hints to make your journey into “Shared nannydom” flip out free!

Find the family that you want to share with FIRST. Talk talk talk, and write everything down so that you have come up with a clear plan of attack together. Even if you love a family on a personal level their approach to child rearing issues may be quite different, remember this is ALL about your child…be clear about what your CHILDCARE priorities are.

Figure out what the limit is that you can afford together…and stick with it. Different families have very different ideas about money and how to spend it. This is a hot button topic!! 50 cents an hour may be nothing to you and everything to the Jones’s. Be clear when it comes to cash.

Follow all the regular guidelines when comes to hiring procedures. Ask for written references, CHECK THEM, ask for a resume – read it,  get a clear criminal record check, get a driver’s abstract, insist on current First Aid and CPR certification, interview a number of candidates a number of times (Make a “high level choice”!), Make sure both families get equal opportunity to assess the nanny and have input.

If you are considering using a nanny agency. Discuss in advance who will incur what costs, and responsibilities and who will reap what benefits. Be specific.

Draw up a contract that is legal and comprehensive.

COMMUNICATE!! Make sure to incorporate time to communicate into the nannies’ schedule. It is important to relay what you are happy and dissatisfied with. It is also important to ask and really hear what is working or not working for your nanny.  You are a TEAM act accordingly.

Provide perks. Work together (the two families) to come up with ways to reward and encourage your nanny. A good nanny/family relationship requires maintenance and continuous conscious positive choices on your part. This has to be on BOTH families’ radars.

Be honest – with yourself, with the family you are sharing with and with your nanny about what your priorities, expectations and reservations are. Dishonesty is what causes contracts to fall apart  most often and most spectacularly. Tell the truth – loudly, the clearer you are the better.

When all is said and done the rewards of a  well thought out and well executed Nanny Share are MANY.  For Nanny and family alike. Just like any partnership, whether it be business, buddy, or marriage,  good and bad both are multiplied by the power of two!!  Sharesies Anyone???

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