Tips for keeping your nanny happy.

Here are some suggestions to aid clarity and happiness in your relationship with your Nanny.

  • Follow the contract.
  • Pay your nanny on the date agreed and the amount agreed.
  • Create a day timer (can be very helpful in the beginning) to write down things that you want done and a schedule for the day i.e. fold cloth diapers, prepare formula or a certain meal for the children, nap schedule, food schedule, classes the children may have scheduled. Leave space so that your nanny can write down what she did with the children, what the children ate, nap time.
  • Just as in the workplace, meet with your nanny on a regular basis to review his/her performance. Be sure to give your nanny the opportunity discuss anything that may be coming up for her or questions s/he may have.
  • Start and end any discussion on a positive note. Approach all conversations in a non-confrontational tone, and be specific about any concerns you may have. It is important to be clear about roles and responsibilities, and to talk through important issues before they become a source of conflict. To avoid distractions, talk to your nanny when others — the kids especially — aren’t around.

Set clear guidelines

It’s important that you are both on the same page when it comes to important decisions.

Here are some questions to clarify:

  • Do you want your child walking around with a pacifier?
  • How much time on the computer for your child is acceptable?
  • Is it OK for the nanny to use the computer?
  • Do you want the nanny to answer the phone?
  • Do you want your nanny to call and touch in with you during the day?
  • Can your nanny help your kids with their homework?
  • Is watching TV acceptable? If so, for how long? What types of programs or movies are acceptable?
  • What do you want you child to eat for meals and snacks? Is there food that you do not want your child exposed to? What about sweets?
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