How to be a “stand out” nanny!

We receive hundreds of nanny resumes at Nannies on Call each month and many of them never make it to the interview stage. Below are 10 tips on how to stand out in the crowd and get called for an interview when applying for a nanny position. It does not take long, just a little care and attention. Just the same as parents would expect when you are caring for their children.

  1. Make sure to include your contact information. You should always include your email address and phone number on every page. You can leave your address off for privacy.
  2. Use an appropriate email address. Potential employers do not want to see [email protected] Create a specific email address for your job search. They are free! [email protected]
  3. Consider your social media usage. Do have publically accessible facebook, twitter or myspace accounts. Are there pictures or information that you would not want potential employers to see? Do not post pictures online of you drinking, smoking or partying.
  4. Keep your resume simple. No need for fancy fonts, formal language or pretty pink paper.
  5. Only put your childcare related jobs on your resume.
  6. Outline all your job responsibilities from previous jobs. For example, took children to school, make meals, arranged play dates, ect.)
  7. Create a cover letter and make it specific to the job. In the cover letter use the client’s and children’s names (if possible). Tie the job requirements back to your experience in your cover letter.
  8. Use an easy to open format for your resume. Use a word or Google documents to send your resume.
  9. Double-check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Make sure to use capitals, commas and spell check at all times. To be extra sure have a friend proof your resume before it goes out.
  10. Attach a small photo. Keep it simple, just a headshot. This will help you stand out from the other nannies.
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