Tips for hiring your Super Nanny

Where to start – Determining what you need

Many parents find it difficult to figure out what they need. It is a moving target with work schedules, naps, school, and extra activities. It is important to understand what you need before you start interviewing nannies. Just grab a pen and work through the list. You can adapt it as you go. Ask yourself some of the questions below to start the process. It is important to have a clear job description before starting your search for a nanny.

What time do you need the nanny to start and finish? Can you be flexible?

How many hours per week?

Will the nanny live in or live out?

Will you need any overtime?

What is the salary range?

What are the benefits? Are you offering health insurance, cell phone or car?

Do you need a nanny who drives?  Would you provide a car or would the nanny need to have her/his own?

Are there any non-child related duties such as housekeeping or running errands? If so what percentage of the day?

Do you need a nanny to cook? Family meals or just for the children?

Do you want a nanny with an education degree? Early Childhood Education degree? Nursing Degree? Teaching degree?

Is it important that the nanny has a CPR/First Aid Certificate, a criminal record check or additional training?

Will you need your nanny to travel with you?

Do you want someone who speaks another language?

Once you have determined the job description it will easier to find the right nanny for your position.

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