Save the HST!

Just a friendly reminder that the HST is looming for its July 1st debut so why not save the 7% now for your Booking fee bundles and Nanny Plans. Yearly memberships must be purchased before May 1st to avoid paying the HST.

In our business it is the “little bits” that count but aside from the kids why not concentrate on the little bits and save:

SAVE $10.50 – Something Good (bundle of 6)
SAVE $14.00 – Spoonful of Sugar (bundle of 10)

SAVE $31.50 – Baroness Nanny Plan (up to 5 bookings per month)
SAVE $59.50 – Perfect Nanny Plan (unlimited booking per month)

We welcome your call to discuss what works best for your extraordinary family!
Or if you care to inquire via e-mail please contact: [email protected]

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